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Established in 2015 AVESTA is a Hi tech firm working on immersive technologies . AVESTA is dedicated to bring a range of immersive contents to the masses. From creating unique and special record experiences to 360 video as well as organizing the full commercial potential of virtual reality in its ability to fascinate its audiences.

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Virtual Reality

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Benefits of immersive technologies

The great thing about this technology is that it’s multi-platform. So it can be run on PC or laptop (windows) and mobiles or tablets (iOS). The responsibility of this technology is providing buyer’s products in a realistic way so they can trust on it. Using virtual and augmented reality gives you the ability to experience the real world you see. The point is that you can have all the appliances and surfaces of the exact environment. This will help you save your money and time and you can also change any component you want.

Why us?

AFS is considered as one of the most scientifically developed companies. The reason to consider our company as scientifically developed, is that over the three years, the team has made solid effort to deliver the projects on time and we have delivered myriad projects and the honor is customers’ satisfaction. Our company is well known because of the team’s honesty, experience and professionality. There is a cooperative relationship between the team members and the owners, developers and designers. This helps us deliver our product in an acceptable and economical way in order to achieve our users’ goals and supporting the reputation of our company.

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